How much is too much for Vikings personal seat licenses?

6:59 PM, Nov 14, 2012   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS -- Governor Dayton fired the first shot, noting personal seat license to help partially fund the Vikings share for a new People's Stadium amounts to a "Rich People's Stadium."

The Vikings responded, explaining the personal seat licenses (or PSLs) were fully vetted and approved in the legislative process.

The PSL's are an extra fee on season ticket holders. They can amount to hundreds or thousands of dollars, experts say. "There's a lot of teams doing personal seat licenses. It's a situation where the local team really has to do a lot of market research to see what they can charge and what they can get away with," University of St. Thomas Sports Law Professor John Wendt said.

So that's what this PSL kerfuffle is all about. Price point. KARE 11 called a dozen lawmakers who were heavily involved in this spring's stadium discussion. Only one called us back.

St. Peter's Terry Morrow, a DFLer who was the party's lead in the house on the issue, says the Governor made a move. "It's a good opportunity to remind everyone including the Vikings that exorbitant ticket prices or exorbitant PSL's will not be acceptable," Morrow said, between teaching classes.

Morrow says the ball is now, in part, in the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Authority's court. He says the appointed board will help make sure the prices are "reasonable."

"I expect the stadium authority to ensure that those factors are fair," Rep. Morrow concluded.

Vikings VP Lester Bagley told KARE 11 those PSLs are just one proposal in an 80 page survey sent to fans and that no decisions have been made.

Professor Wendt says the licenses are quite common, but also draw a line in the sand. "If it gets too expensive for the fans, it may hurt the local team."

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