Life lines

12:19 AM, Nov 3, 2008   |    comments
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It was one of those days. You've had 'em. A day when nothing seems to come easy. The cold, the back up in the inbox, the deadlines. So, after one of "those days," I was happy to leave the work worries and head home to dinner with the family. Later, when I was playing with the kids, my son asked me why I had lines on my face. Lines? I thought I'd accidentally marked myself with a pen. Or maybe I'd scratched myself while shooting a story that afternoon. But I really didn't know. I asked him where the lines were. My cheek? My chin? My forehead? Nope, nope, nope. Well, then where? "Daddy you have the lines every day. They are between your eyes." Bryan said. Huh? So I looked in the mirror. Forget that much-joked-about unibrow. I have perma-furrowed-brow! Two deep lines between my eyes. Lines that, no matter how much I try to relax, are still there. It's amazing what you can overlook until it's pointed out. How could I have missed these? They're actually more than lines; they're creases in my head. And as I stared at my reflection, I thought; if they're this pronounced in the relative calm of home, imagine how they look in the pressure-cooker that is a newsroom? "How do you get them," Bryan asked. I told him they are lines that Daddys get when they have a lot of work. Looking, thinking, and worrying can all add to the lines. I tried to and failed to explain, "furrowed." He wanted to know how to make them go away. I said that having fun and laughing can make them go away. "No Daddy, when you laugh you get lots of lines by your eyes too." He's right. But those lines I'll gladly accept. A nice reminder that, despite all the worries which result in a furrowed brow, there are a lot of laughs at our house too.

By Jeff Olsen, KARE 11 News

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