The list for life on the lake

8:04 AM, Aug 21, 2008   |    comments
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A chip off the old block, my son has a checklist for our vacation. Check out what the younger set has on the list for a trip to the cabin. 1. Tent
2. Special dear (Actually he means Special Bear- his favorite stuffed toy. You'll see that 'b' and 'd' are a couple of the things we'll need to work on this summer.)
3. Marshmallows
4. Swimming trunks
5. Flashlight
6. Life Jacket
7. Suitcase
8. Foob
9. Fishing rob
10. Clothes
11. Mommy
12. Daddy
13. Paper
14. Charcoal
15. Camera
16. Sleeping dag
17. (omitted)
18. Toothdrush
19. Towwel
20. Money
21. Bryan
22. Computer
23. Marker
24. Binoculars
Apparently his parents and twin brother are 'must haves' on the trip. His sister and younger brother? Optional accessories at this point. I'll mention adding them before the big day...or as Patrick would write it, "I'll mention abbing them defore the dig bay."

By Jeff Olsen, KARE 11 News

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