Unfrozen Caveman of KARE newsroom confounded by change

4:25 PM, Oct 21, 2008   |    comments
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Technological overload. For me, it's a feeling akin to getting whacked in the head by a shovel. (I know that of which I speak, but won't tell you why) When starting in the news biz 21 years ago, I was instructed in the delicate art of stacking 5 pieces of script paper with carbon sheets in between, and typing a story in font large enough to read on a primitive teleprompter (the deal anchors look at to 'naturally' read their scripts to viewers at home). Today, I am wrestling with a new, internet-based art system that is attempting to turn a crabby, 45 year old news dinosaur into a makeshift graphic artist. The change is necessary, due to staffing cuts similiar to those felt in almost every other sector of America's industrial complex. That fact doesn't make me feel any better, or like this hinky new system any more. My boss is wired to like stuff like the new 'Gannett G-3 System', and dives in to it like Michael Phelps does a swimming pool. I'm more like the two year old who sinks like a hockey puck. He tried to be patient, and explain to me how to create what we call a 'slate', with a young man's picture on it, and the name of this week's 'Academic All-Star'. The only thing that became clear to me was that I was quickly developing a pounding headache, and needed to walk away... quickly. Last night, I took the top off a beer, sought perspective, and found it by looking at the life of someone I greatly admire; My Dad, Jack. Born in 1928, he has lived through the advent of refrigerators, television, microwaves, cell phones, and personal computers. Talk about monumental, life-altering stuff, stuff that changed the way we block our lives, communicate, and stay plugged in with the world around us. Makes me feel like a bit of a wimp, to back down from a little ol' software program. I'll just have to take another run at the new G-3, and kick it's butt. Maybe next week.

By Dana Thiede, KARE 11 News

(Copyright 2008 by KARE. All Rights Reserved.)

(Copyright 2008 by KARE. All Rights Reserved)

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