MacGyver or MacGruber? It remains to be seen

12:06 PM, Jun 3, 2010   |    comments
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My wife's out to town to help her mom celebrate a milestone birthday, so I'm on laundry duty (and every other duty) this week. I've made it all the way to laundry on the to-do list.

I'm finding out the process doesn't start with separating the clothes into lights and darks. No, it turns out the first step - very important for quieter drying - is cleaning out the pockets of my little pack rats. You name it and I've found it stuffed in their little size 7 Levis.

What gives?

It would appear that my youngest is working on a very big project. Take a look at the haul from just one pair of pants:

  • 2 rocks that I think he'd call agates
  • 1 rock that looks like it may have a fossil in it
  • 3 shells from along the Mississippi River
  • A couple of small pieces of metal
  • A wad of at least 20 twist ties that I think came from the grocery store

If this is what's in his pockets, I wonder what treasure is in the back glove compartment of the minivan.

I'd pay good money to crawl inside his little mind to see how this all ties together in to a big project. Then I'd know the answer to MacGyver or MacGruber?   

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