Babywatch 2010

8:06 PM, Jun 6, 2010   |    comments
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I've been on pins and needles.  My amazing wife and I are expecting a baby any day now. 

This will be our third child, so we've definitely been through this before.  And while, the experience we've accumulated over time does help in knowing what to expect, it doesn't at all ease the anticipatory nerves that accompany such a life changing event.

The due date for the baby is Monday June 7th.  The people I work with here, have dubbed the last couple weeks, "Babywatch 2010" spoken in an overly dramatic CNN news announcer voice.

They kid, but are genuinely concerned about how things are going with my wife, knowing I've been scheduled to work many of the days leading up to the due date.

We have a pretty strict policy that cell phones are not allowed onto the studio set, but I've brazenly disregarded such protocol, choosing instead to keep my phone in my suit pocket on vibtrate, just in case.  It's been interesting.

It looks like it'll happen this week for sure, and I'll take a couple weeks off from work when it does.  But  another concern we're having, is the impending nurses strike on Thursday of this week!

June 10th, many Twin Cities nurses will walk off the job for a day.  While I am not qualified to take sides of the dispute as an unbiased newscaster,  I can be concerned as a husband of an expectant mother!  And yes, we are concerned. 

Still, I'm confident things will go well, before the strike.  I'm excited for the inevitable chaos on the near horizon.  And I am..... uh-oh.... I just gotta text..... I gotta go


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