Planes, trains...and newborns

5:29 AM, Jun 18, 2010   |    comments
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Alright, the above headline is misleading.  We did not travel by air or rail.  But we did go to Chicago in an automobile, and when you have a four-week-old on board...any travel is adventurous, if not worthy of a reference to a 1987 movie classic.


But first, my sincere greetings to all.  I have intended to write about my latest adventures - even my thoughts on that dreaded BP spill - for a while.  But alas, life with a newborn doesn't allow for many spare moments.  Just when you think you have one, you glance at the baby monitor and realize she's waking up and hungry.

So that's why I'm embarking on a blog with a slightly different format.  Given that my time could be "up" any minute... I'm simply going to offer a few brief thoughts.

  • Our family - including my daughter, Grace - enjoyed a recent trip to Chicago to attend a dear friend's wedding.  It was a "nothing fancy" trip: simply a two-day drive down there (we allowed for the necessary stops to feed Grace), and then a two-day visit in what is my favorite U.S. city.  Still, that relatively bare bones itinerary took on a new life, you could write, due to the "new life" along for the ride.  It's amazing how much excitement - and exhaustion - a child can add to any trip.  Who am I kidding? She adds both excitement and exhaustion to any day.
  • Yes, the exhaustion continues.  The sleep stupor of a new parent may be renown, but I've found that until you've really experienced it, you have no idea the level of tiredness involved.  It's pretty incredible: how heavy your legs can feel; how "fuzzy" your mind can be when that cry rings out in the middle of the night. Truly, it's a wonder new moms and dads are still allowed to drive, let alone operate heavy machinery.  I'm told the day will come when a baby sleeps through the night.  I long for that day - even as I don't want to "rush" past these amazing first weeks with Grace.
  • And because so much time is spent just feeding the growing Grace... I've been able to follow closely national news stories, and specifically, the developments related to the BP oil spill.  Like most anyone, I find the spill and its effect on both people and the environment to be appalling and tragic.  And like most anyone, I await more information on the alleged extensive violations and errors of judgment by BP that led to the disaster.  Just today, BP's CEO, Tony Hayward testified before Congress and offered an apology.  It's hard to imagine his words could begin to lessen the pain of those who've lost loved ones in the initial explosion or those along the gulf who've likely lost their way of life.  I suspect action - lasting and significant - will need to follow his words.

And there it is.  My brief thoughts on my - and the country's - latest happenings.  I promise a more typical (and lengthy) Karla-blog the next time.  In the meantime, I do hope this blog finds you well and enjoying summer.  Take care.  And in the words of Mike Wallace, "do well and do good."



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