A Dad's Life: Bet you $100 you won't do it!

11:03 PM, Jan 19, 2011   |    comments
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Happened across this recently.  A favorite from last year's blogs...

When you're stuck on a boat with four kids and the fish aren't biting you have to get creative. That's where this costly story starts.

My brother and I were in the boat with our kids on Thunder Lake near Remer for cabinfest 2010. The only thing missing from this trip? Fish! 

No bites equaled no patience.

"Play with the leeches," I told my son.

How's that for desperate? Play with the bait kid. Better than playing in the tackle box, I thought.

As you can imagine, the leech time-killer didn't last long. 

"I'll give you $100 if you eat it," I joked.

(Insert wide-eyed smile here.)

"I'M KIDDING. DO NOT EAT THE LEECH. I will not be paying for a leech lunch!" 

I've been a dad long enough to know you can't throw out that kind of a challenge without the possibility that the kids will actually entertain the idea.

(Enter a less-informed Uncle Bill.)

"I'll make that bet," he said laughing.

Bill, Bill, Bill.... Don't bet the bored kid who already has good mind-over-matter swallowing skills that come with taking regular medication.

So, you know how this ends right? We resume casting and the kid starts plotting.

Before long he taps me on the arm and whispers, "I did it." 

Lucky for him his twin brother was there to confirm things.  Halved, then down the hatch-one... leech... (gulp).. eaten.

Wow! So many questions. How'd you do it? Why'd you do it? What will we tell Mom? Will we tell Mom? And the big one... Will Uncle Bill keep his promise?

Everyone except my son would forgive my brother for not paying up. Luckily for him, Uncle Bill has a big heart and a fat enough wallet to make good on that gulp.

"A bet's a bet," Bill said as he continued casting. "You'll get your money. First I get my fish."

Now if we could get the walleye to eat the leeches like the kids, we'd really have something.

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