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10:49 PM, Jul 19, 2010   |    comments
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Back by popular demand....ok, my Mom in Florida wanted it back.  Perk's Weekly List!

This week's topic...Best Ingredients at the Salad Bar.

11- Capers (So small, yet so potent.  A micro busrt of vinegary deliciousness.)

10- Green Peppers (Not really fond of red or yellow.  Don't even bring up orange.  Whatever!)

9- Crumbled eggs (Always pleasantly surprised when I see this at a salad bar.)

8- Mushrooms (Sliced buttons to be specific.  Earthy and a good textural foil to lettuce.)

7- Grape Tomatoes (I usually only put one or two on a salad, but always wish I'd put more on.  But I don't put more on, because I'm a moron...get it?)

6- Feta Cheese (A little goes a long way, but I much prefer this Greek staple over the more popular shredded cheddar or even parmesan.)

5- Craisins (This one has just recently won me over.  Love them!)

4- Red Onions (In moderation, but delightful if thinly sliced.)

3- Garbonzo Beans (I know the chic thing to say is chick peas, but I'm old school.)

2- Radishes (Had radishes in our garden growing up.  Have always been baffled as to why these aren't more universally popular.)

1- Beets (I know what you're thinking, give me a break!  I read that entire blog entry, only to get to the top spot and see beets!  Yes.  Frankly, they are my favorite, bar none.  Or... salad bar none.  Despite the fact that they can stain clothing, beets, can't be beat.  Sorry for that horrific pun.)

Honorable mention: Candied walnuts


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