Perk's Weekly List- Favorite U.S. Cities

10:10 AM, Aug 16, 2010   |    comments
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Throughout the course of my life and job, I've been able to travel across the continental United States extensivey. 

Here now, is a list of my favorite large metropolitan cities in America.  I am keeping Minneapolis and St. Paul off the list because I can't think of which I'd rank higher.  (Politically correct)

11- San Diego (Coastal, beautiful and laid back.  Classic SoCal.)

10- Tampa (My folks live relatively close and I've grown to appreciate it the times I've visited to see them, and the times I've been to Raymond James Stadium.)

9- Phoenix (I love the desert heat.  But you won't find Vegas on this list...yuk)

8- Atlanta (Used to live there.  Awesome downtown. Buckhead's cool, midtown rocks.  Great music scene.  Killer food.)

7- Memphis (I lived here too.  I think my familiarity is putting a bias on this list, but there's no doubt, this city reeks with character.)

6- Boston (So much history.  Such a unique population.  Rabid sports fans.  Beauty abound. Accent bugs though.)

5- New York (The city that never sleeps.  So awesome to visit.  Would be tough to live there though.  The pace is amazing, and the people get a bad rap.  I find them to be delightful.)

4- San Francisco (Unbelievable tourist destinations, ridiculously good restaurants, and gorgeous scenery by the bay.  Love this city and the surrounding burbs.)

3- Kansas City (Have been to Kaufman several times.  It's my favorite ballpark, but the city itself is like a midwest gem.)

2- Chicago (This is a city I never visited until I moved to Minnesota.  I have become enamored with it.  The neighborhoods are so diverse and amazing, and the downtown is my favorite of any of these cities on the list.  Don't even get me started on Michigan Ave!)

1- Los Angeles (My hometown.  What can I say?  Beach, mountains, desert, all within driving distance.  Smog and traffic are awful, but there's no place like home.)

The Twin Cities most certainly would be right near the top too.  I have lived here for 13 years now, and have truly fallen in love with it here.  Even the winters!  But believe it or not, I've still never been to either of the Dakotas!


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