Perk's Weekly List- Best State Fair things to do

10:59 PM, Aug 30, 2010   |    comments
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I think I may have ranked these last year, but the list has changed. 

Having been out there the last 4 days, I have developed a permanent film of dried sweat on my body.  

I do love the fair though, and so many things about it.  Here now are my Top 11 Favorite things to do at the fair.

11- Work the short cuts!  When you're out there as much as I've been, you learn how to shave some logistical corners.  And that includes the route in from Highway 280 all the way to the parking lot.

10- Giant Pickle on a Stick.  Really one of the more overlooked and underrated bits of Fair fare.

9- Kidway.  Few things are more fun than seeing kids pinball from ride to ride.  Beware though.  Tickets go fast!

8- The photo booth in the arcade.  This has become a family tradition.  It's funny to see all the years past on our fridge.

7- Autograph Line- I really get a sincere hoot out of meeting all the wonderfully loyal KARE viewers out there.  It's a delight. 

6- Heckling WCCO- This one is dicey.  The last time I did stared and glared.  Next time, I may just hit a golf ball at their booth and yell "Four!"

5- Giant Slide- The burlap sacks are kind of nasty, and the walk up is pretty substantial, but the view at the top is awesome, and the ride is a riot.

4- Dollar Milk- White or chocolate!  And its good!  Best bargain at the fair bar none.

3- Butter Sculpture- Especially when a member of the royal court is inside the refrigerated booth sitting as still as possible despite shivering.

2- Veggie Fries- The servers are always charming.  The tempura batter fried zucchini, cauliflower, broccoli, potatoes, etc.... doused with hot sauce are the best food at a foodcentric fair.

1- Showering when I get home.  Thereby rendering the film of sweat moot.


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