I'm baaack!

10:36 PM, Sep 8, 2010   |    comments
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I suspect most every mother dreads it. Dreads that moment when she'll leave her new baby to return to a job she loves. To be honest, I'd been worried about leaving my daughter Grace for weeks... even months.

And today I did just that. As if the "separation" isn't dramatic enough for first-time moms, I probably made the mistake of not spending more than three hours apart from my little girl these last four months. I'm not even kidding. I guess I just wanted to "eat up" every moment of my daughter's first days. So yes, it just about broke my heart when she turned to watch my every move as I grabbed my bags and took off this afternoon.

I am not the first mother to cry on that first day back to work (work outside the home, that is, heaven knows the work of those who choose to stay home is among the most difficult!). I also won't be the first mother to just hold my baby girl when I return tonight. And so mothers everywhere may relate when I write I'm so happy that first day is behind me. And the reunion with my daughter is still ahead.

There's more to write - more to catch up on since I've been away from my blog for nearly a month, and away from my job for much longer. But I will do a more thorough update later. For now, know this: whenever you see a woman just returning from maternity leave, she is a veteran of something fiercely emotional. Your words of welcome and encouragement will mean the world to her. I know I've valued the warm welcome from my colleagues here at KARE.

I look forward to again telling the stories of our community. And I look forward to more blogging. But for now, I'm just looking forward to seeing my little Grace. Take care, and in the words of Mike Wallace, "do well and do good."




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