Mommy vs. Reporter, and Randy Moss Anyone?

11:29 AM, Oct 7, 2010   |    comments
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Alright. Alright. Before I begin my official blog, I have but two words for you: Randy. Moss. All I can say is "Alleluia!" Say what you will about his sometimes questionable behavior, the man's playing ability - at his peak - is beyond remarkable. It's pure beauty. And that beauty is returning to Minnesota. I'm so grateful and so looking forward to what he'll bring to a team that needs just this kind of jolt.

Now...on to other topics.  

Four weeks. That's how long it's been since I returned to work. (It's also how long it's been since I last blogged. I'm sorry about that... I'm still learning how to juggle my increasingly busy life).

Five months. That's how old my Grace is now. Yep, she remains the primary, awesome reason for why my life remains so crazy-busy. Still, I can't think of any better reason to run around like a chicken with its head cut off (such a cruel saying, really, but it does offer a vivid visual. No?).

So the last month has been interesting. Last I updated you, I'd just "survived" that first emotional, heart-breaking separation from my baby girl. Fortunately, as it turned out, she survived, too. I dare write, she's even thrived under the loving care of her Grandma on one day and a nanny on the other days (because of my unique schedule, the nanny needs only be with her for a few hours before my husband returns home).

Yep, Gracie's doing well. Her mommy, meantime, still struggles leaving her on those work days. There's just something difficult, unnatural even, about walking away from your baby. It's uncanny really, how she seems to sense my imminent departure, as she watches me gather my bags and head toward the door.  Do mommys and daddys ever really get used to that feeling of leaving their little loved ones at home?

On the work side, my return to reporting and the community has been wonderful. I'd missed telling the stories that affect us all. I'd missed being on the frontline of all the latest happenings and issues. And I'd missed being a contributing part of our news community. But it has been challenging. And as if the balance between mommy and reporter isn't precarious enough, I went and got sick shortly after my return. There's nothing like a MacDaddy cold to slow down even the most organized and productive parent (and mind you, that really isn't me).

But it's all good. Because you know what? I look at all the parents around me - parents of toddlers, kids in school or college - even parents of kids who are married and having kids of their own - and I realize everyone learns to cope.  Everyone strikes that balance and makes it work for them and for their family. I sincerely believe it will happen for us soon. Perhaps it's just an "acceptance" of the frenzied pace of our new life. Beyond that, I believe it's also learning to absolutely enjoy - and savor - every moment you do have with your little ones. Needless to write, I do just that when I'm home with Grace.

As for other highlights this last month, I ran the Twin Cities 10 mile race. Wow. Mind you, I've run four marathons but not five months after having a baby. Fortunately, I finished. I didn't break any records or even get close to a personal best, but I finished.  And that was accomplishment enough for this new mom. (Kudos to all those who also ran and especially to those who ran the full 26.2.  It's always inspiring to watch).

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On a story-related front, I've covered the flooding in southern Minnesota a few times these last couple weeks. What a complete and devastating shocker for the affected families. A flood out of nowhere; a day's worth of rain that single-handedly destroyed hundreds of homes and disrupted the lives of so many. The one silver lining of this "event" is that no one was physically injured by the flooding.  Still, you'll want to keep all those families in your thoughts and prayers these next weeks as they continue to recover and rebuild.

There's more to write, but I'll save my other thoughts for future blogs. For now, I have a Twins playoff game to watch! Enjoy the games, everyone. Until next time, take care. And in the words of Mike Wallace, "do well and do good."







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