Mo-ROCK-o, Baby!

7:21 AM, Nov 10, 2010   |    comments
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Actually, it's Morocco.  But it is true that my baby and her parents just returned from that beautiful North African country a full 48 hours ago.  It could be four hours ago, for how tired we continue to be.  But oh, what an adventure we had.

To catch you up, we packed up our clothes, diapers and baby food, grabbed our now 6-month-old and boarded a plane more than two weeks ago.  True, some may caution against such an exotic trip with such a wee one.  But we have the true traveler's heart (we've always loved adventure travel), not to mention, we wanted to visit my sister's family - living in Morocco for a whole year (for a fuller explanation of their year abroad, please see my previous blog: "Have Baby, Will Twavel"). 

And so our latest adventure began.  As I wrote in that previous blog, I had my concerns about traveling with such a young infant.  I mean, so much can go wrong - or at least, LOUD - on a Trans-Atlantic flight.  But here's the deal: we all survived, as did the other passengers near us.  I give Grace about a "B" when it comes to travel.  She did remarkably well on the Minneapolis to Paris leg of the trip, with only mild meltdowns included.  As for the Paris-Rabat portion of the trip, let's just say, I wished I'd packed a couple dozen earplugs for the other passengers (or at least doled out those Caribou cards).  Same scenarios on the way home.  But again, I was pretty proud of my little traveler.  She fared well, considering the disruption to her surroundings and schedule.

(Before I continue - it IS interesting to the point of fascinating how OTHER travelers respond to the sight of a baby on board an international flight.  There are some who smile and engage her throughout the flight - finding her coos and even, cries, adorable.  And then there are the others - those who openly glare upon realizing this baby is on board for the duration.  Seriously, one woman RIGHT behind my seat loudly exclaimed, "oh my G.." upon realizing we were within a row of her.   She then glared at my child as though, at 6 months, Grace was already responsible for all the world's suffering.  As a passenger, I could understand her concerns for a comfortable trip.  As a mother, I simply glared back).

More travel tales to tell, but at this point, I'm going to do what a good younger sister should do... I'm going to defer to my "much" older sister!) Seriously, my sister has kept an excellent blog of her family's adventures this year.  And as her guests these last couple weeks, we've also been featured guests in her blog.  So please check out our - and more importantly, Grace's - exciting North Africa adventure.


It starts with the above entry and continues with this visit to a quaint mountain city.  Then it simply follows our itinerary: from a brief visit to an historic city, to a beautiful beach visit, to a cultural capital visit

My sister's blog approach, by the way, is quite entertaining, with limited text and LOTS o' pictures.  I hope you enjoy.

In the meantime, wow - did I miss some news!  I was stunned to learn we still don't have a new Governor.  I was stunned to learn Randy Moss was, again, no longer a Viking.  And yes, I was stunned to learn the mild fall weather has continued, even well into November.  What an eventful two weeks it has been for our community.  It's good to be home.

So I'm excited to once again dig into our community's whirlwind events, just as I'm excited to share my family's latest happenings.  I'll certainly share more updates of our adventure as my sister updates that blog of hers!  Until then, please take care.  And in the words of Mike Wallace, "do well, and do good."


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