Worked over at the Wilf news conference

8:32 PM, Nov 22, 2010   |    comments
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At news conferences, the format is pretty standard.  A public figure makes an opening statement and then opens it up for questions.  Except for Randy Moss who just storms off before questions can be asked.

Today, I was at the Zygi Wilf/Leslie Frazier newser at Winter Park.  The atmosphere was comically crowded.  Local and national media poured into the practice facility.  Beat writers, bloggers, radio personalities, columnists, TV reporters, photographers and producers... even the beloved C.J., and whatever it is she does. 

All told, there had to be close to 100 listening intently, dissecting and probing.

This is where things went south for me.  I was sitting dead center of the hoarde, and tried multiple times to ask a question.  But I got worked over by the other more assertive media members. 

Getting your question heard at an overly crowded conference like this one, is truly an art in agression.

It's not like a classroom where you raise your hand and get your inquiry answered. It's far more cut-throat. 

Today, after Frazier answered a question, it was followed by a chorus of reporters barking out their questions.  In most instances, he or she who speaks the loudest gained his attention. 

It's also important to begin asking your question, as soon as the last syllable of the speaker's soundbite is done...  pouncing at the right time.  A premature pounce is just rude and can force the speaker to stop cold in their tracks, leading to inevitable awkwardness. 

Often times though, a couple reporters, both speaking equally loudly would be caught up in a game of press conference chicken. Simultaneous questions being asked, until finally, one would relent, yield, and the other would continue on.  It is a flat out battle.  And one that I never won today. 

Eventually though, a more boisterous Bob Sansevere would ask the same question I was going to ask, so I got my query answered.  So I'll consider that a small victory.  Woo-hoo.


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