My daughter ate turkey, said the vegetarian mother

2:30 PM, Dec 8, 2010   |    comments
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My daughter ate turkey.

Alright, that may read completely unremarkable.  That is, until you realize the woman typing those words is a vegetarian... or a pseudo-vegetarian.  Truth is, I'm technically a "pescetarian," as I still eat fish.  (My father, a life-long Minnesota fisherman, would not have appreciated a daughter who doesn't eat the occasional crappie or walleye :))...

But back to my daughter's recent poultry consumption.  Yes, Grace ate a sort of turkey-veggie-orange-mush-gruel on Thanksgiving and several days since.  It was a concession, prompted by both the holiday and my carnivorous husband.  Because while I munch on carrots and all things green, my husband loves meat... Meat.  Meat.  Meat.  (He loves to tell the story of how, when in Argentina once, he devoured a giant steak... only to order another one when the waiter asked if he'd like anything for dessert).  So my daughter's diet represents the compromises that exist within any family.  She will, I guess, eat turkey... along with tofu, of course.


A belated Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  And a happy holiday season to all!  I am astonished how quickly this last month has gone.  We all say it, and this year, I absolutely mean it: "wasn't Halloween just yesterday?"  I'm truly hoping the season will slow down, even if just for a bit, so that I can savor and enjoy the festivities with friends and family.

And writing of family, I did want to share with you a bit about one beautiful family I profiled in a recent story.  Julie and Travis Grawey live in Andover with their now four children.  Their path to parenthood is unique.  Last fall and faced with fertility challenges, the couple decided to adopt.   That's how they eventually came home with newborn twins, Anna and Tyler.  A few days after the twins' arrival, they learned they were pregnant.  Along came Zachary Thomas just last week.  And sometime between the two - the Graweys also adopted the twins' older sister, Katie.  So in a matter of months, Julie and Travis have "had" four children... now ages 6-months, 19-months and a newborn.  Amazing.  How about that for a rock star way to start a family?

Their inspirational story reminds me of a woman I met in Vietnam nearly two years ago.  She was an American who approached me in a hotel, clearly realizing I was American, too.  She held in her arms a beautiful baby girl whom she had just adopted.  This woman proceeded to gush about her experience, including the fact she and her husband also had a biological baby girl - a toddler - waiting for them back in the states.  She commented that the experiences of getting her two children were equally meaningful.  Her words: "that the process of adoption mirrored that of pregnancy.  There was a first trimester, a second trimester and a third... and that the moment of getting [her] new daughter was as dramatic as giving birth." 

"Wow," I told that woman on that day, "you need to take that message on the road and encourage families everywhere." 

I think both of those stories serve to remind us of the beauty of families and the unique ways people can go about building them.  And at no other time of the year, do we appreciate those families - however they start - more than right now. 


So again, I do hope you enjoy this month.  Perhaps take a few minutes to slow down... and just enjoy time with your loved ones.  I'll try to do the same.

Until next time, take care.  And in the words of Mike Wallace, "do well, and do good."

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