Forecast: Another Foot by February

12:16 AM, Jan 20, 2011   |    comments
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I realize several of you clicked on what you thought was an actual weather-related prediction. Mind you, I leave those speculations to my esteemed, meteorology-educated, talented (and Scandinavian-named) colleagues in the weather department. But I DID get your attention, no? :)

Greetings to everyone after such a long blogging-hiatus! I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful holiday season... and because that "Winter Wonderland" mentality is still so prevalent, I couldn't resist the above headline.  Truth is, I actually love the snow. I'm not kidding. Every time the snow has fallen - I've welcomed it. For me, if we're going to have the cold - and oh, do we have it - I want our streets and yards to look the part. In short, I want it to look like winter. So I'm tickled pink (or would it be more appropriate, to be tickled "white?") that we've had so much snow. Bring it, Mother Nature!

A couple quick thoughts for you as we are still early in this brand new year...

  • What a year it's already been. I think our whole country was rocked and in awe of those events in Tucson, now nearly two weeks ago. But I've appreciated the conversations that have followed the horrific crime. No, I don't think this young man acted in response to the current political climate. But I do think his actions highlighted how divisive and unnecessarily cruel that climate can be. I like that people are now considering - a bit more - the idea of working together to address the country's significant challenges. Perhaps it will lead to a slightly more civil atmosphere, one in which people have more allegiance to solutions - not their party. Of course, it's possible the current rhetoric - which implies a more unified front - could be fleeting... but I have hope... hope that we, and our political leaders, may get better... and be better, too.
  • And writing of the end of bitter rivalries... I've done the nearly unthinkable. I, a devout Vikings fan, have temporarily switched my loyalties to the Green and Gold. On second thought, it's not that I've "switched" anything... but I actually find myself continuing to support the Vikings and "also" rooting for the Pack. I know. I know. For some, I've just written something that borders on the sacrilege. But I really don't see the fault in backing the Pack when the Vikes have already flown away for their off-season vacation. I mean, is the Pack not our closest neighbor? And does the Pack not give us an occasional good player, or two? Not to mention, it's just nice to see the Midwest represented... So there we go... begin the insults, start the accusations, continue the criticism.  But before you question my loyalty, know this: I love the Vikes... but when they're out, completely and totally gone from the playoff scene... I do, in fact, cheer their chief rival.  Go Packers.    
  • And finally... an update on the little love of my life, my daughter Grace. I know parents everywhere can attest to this: but I do believe my daughter has reached the "best" stage of her childhood (I'm told I'll feel that way about her "every" stage). She giggles, she plays... she reacts. In short, we now "get" so much more than we "give." I can honestly see this 8+-month-old infant developing into a person -- a wonderful, tiny, joy-filled person. It's a delight, and she's just lovely. And of course I'd write that... because I'm completely unbiased.

And with those words about Grace, I'm reminded again of my need to sign off and head home.  Again, I hope everyone is surviving the winter - and enjoying the snow. (Truly, look around you, and you'll see a scene straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting). Until next time, take care and stay warm. And in the words of Mike Wallace, "do well, and do good."











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