Toilet time: Daddy's girl gets rid of diapers

1:10 PM, Feb 3, 2011   |    comments
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BMs. Number ones and number twos. That's what we talk about at our house. We don't discuss the family budget or what's for dinner. We don't talk about weather or traffic. We talk about poop and we talk about potty.

Siena's done with diapers! All it took was a fistful of marshmallows, a dab of carpet cleaner, a dose of laundry detergent, and a week's worth of patience (it all went down a week before she turns 2). In fact, now we're so comfortable hanging with our homey "John" that we have some pretty good conversations.

Dad: "Siena, do you have to go potty?"
Siena: "Giant marshmallow?"
Dad: "Yes, if you make it happen, I'll give you a marshmallow."
(So we're up on the padded Princess throne and the waterfall is flowing)
Siena: "Daddy, Beast go poop?"
Dad: "Yes, and Belle and Gaston do too but they don't talk about it."
Siena: "Lumiere?"

I was stumped. I mean, he's a candlestick, but he turns into a French dude at the end of the movie. I changed the subject.

On another note, the Dora character at Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall of America may have filed for a restraining order against Siena. Click here if you want to see why. I plan on sending a copy of this video to Vikings Head Coach Leslie Frazier. This is how you wrap someone up. She gets off the line like Jared Allen and she closes the gap on the "map-carrier" like Antoine Winfield.

(BTW, Dora's head is the size of a Nissan Versa! But she's not too top heavy, she wouldn't go down after two hits from the "perpetrator.")

Siena's also got quite the little attitude. The other morning I was lying with my face on the carpet. Siena was standing up, looking down on me like she was the aforementioned 7 foot-tall Dora character. Then... she smiled and kicked me in the face. The following conversation ensued.

Dad: "Siena, you don't kick people!"
Siena: "It's okay daddy, I'm just playing." This was followed by a belly laugh. Nice!

The other day as she was walking into the YMCA with her awesome nanny Laurie, she looked at the attendant and said "I'm going swimming lady!" Yup, there that is. I'm going to tell you what I'm going to do and there's nothing you can do about it.

I am constantly amazed by this little person. She can sing her ABC's and count in Spanish (thanks Dora) but she throws a huge fit every night when we try to brush her teeth. She can name every Disney princess but ends many meals by dumping her dish on the floor. She's the only alarm clock that actually pulls on your ear to wake you up.

We are having a blast with her; I am constantly shaking my head. Sometimes I think she takes quarters. Insert a quarter and you can listen to her chat, non-stop, for an hour.

I can't imagine what the next one's going to be like. I guess we'll find out in six months. And I thought I was done with the diapers.

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