Here's to the kindness of strangers

10:20 AM, Mar 1, 2011   |    comments
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GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn -- It was bound to happen. After almost 20 years of living here in the frozen tundra, with slips and near misses here and there, I finally fell down. Completely.

Anyone who has had this happen, and I know there are plenty of us in this unwelcome club, know the feeling of helplessness that ensues.

My mishap occurred as I was leaving church. The parking ramp for the Basilica Of St. Mary is on a slope. Walking carefully, I thought I was home free when I hit a piece of snow covered ice. It all happened in a flash, I was down on the ground.

That's when something truly good happened. In a matter of seconds, a couple rushed to my aid. Out of breath, and by this time, feeling embarrassment settling in, I thanked these good samaritans and urged them to go on. They refused. The woman of the pair flatly advised me, "we're going to stay until you get back up on your feet." It took me a few minutes.

So as insufferable as this endless winter can be sometimes, there are some bright spots. It can bring the best out in people when some of us need it most.

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