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3:23 PM, Mar 11, 2011   |    comments
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GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn -- Recently in this space, I talked about the good people who came to my rescue when I fell flat on my back. Today, I'm not thinking about the kindness of strangers exactly. It's more like people who drive me crazy.

You probably know some yourself. I'm thinking specifically about people who go to concerts or movies and decide to talk during the performance. Not just a few words, I mean entire long and tedious conversations laced with opinions only important to themselves.

A case in point occurred last weekend. The guy sitting behind us wasn't only in the bag, he just couldn't shut up. The woman sitting next to him even pointed out, "this isn't a nightclub, be quiet." But he didn't.

That got me to thinking about all kinds of pet peeves. Here are a few that immediately came to mind.

Fear mongering of any kind.

Mean people.

Cheapness. For example, never offering to pick up the check for a meal.

Not returning calls.

Being chronically late and not apologizing. I'm especially thinking of theatre goers who arrive late and step all over you to get to their seats.

Drama queens.


Not having a sense of humor.

Individuals who take everything personally.


People who wear too much cologne.

Drivers who ignore pedestrian signs and go right thru.

What bugs you? I'd love to hear. pevans@kare11.com or better yet, why not send us a video?  You can upload your video rant to the KARE11 Today Facebook page. Make it a minute or less and no profanity. Maybe we'll put it on the air on KARE 11 Today at 11:00 a.m.

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