Three ways to save on gasoline

2:32 PM, Apr 5, 2011   |    comments
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  • GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. -- With the cost of oil and gas prices jumping once again, now is a great time to talk about saving some money.  Here are three ways you can save a little gas and coin.

    #1) Take advantage of stores' fuel promotions.

    At Rainbow Foods you can get a "Roundy's Reward Card" for free.  Each time you checkout, they will swipe that card which accumulates "Fuelperks."  Every $50 spent earns $0.05 off per gallon of gas at BP.

    Since we do most of our grocery shopping at Rainbow Foods, it doesn't take long for our "Fuelperks" to reach $0.50 off (or more!) per gallon of gas up to 20 gallons.  That's $10 in savings.  Not bad!

    Check to see how, or if, other stores in your area do these types of promotions... and use them!

    #2) Consolidate trips.

    This is all about being as efficient on gas usage as possible.  Instead of running to the gym and going home... then heading to the grocery store and going home... then driving to the post office and back home... try to make one big trip.

    In our household, we are very intentional and methodical about our errands.  We'll talk about where we need to go, how we're going to get there and what would be the most efficient route to take.

    You're not going to save hundreds of dollars a week doing this.  But, a few gallons here and there can really add up.

    #3) Drive the best mileage car the most.

    My wife and I each have a car.  She drives the "nice" car, a Nissan Murano.  It has chrome wheels, a moon-roof, leather interior, and a killer BOSE sound-system.  But, the Murano only gets 18 to 23 miles per gallon at best. 

    My car is a 1996 Honda Accord with over 202,000 miles.  It's banged-up, has a bit of a funk (smell) to it, and the radio doesn't work.  Trust me, my car has nothing on style points compared to the Murano.  Except it gets about 32 miles per gallon, even in the city.

    Guess what car get driven the most?  The Honda, by FAR!  Because it's a better ride?  Not a chance.  Because it gets almost 50% better gas milage. 

    Let's say we take a trip home for the weekend.  We end up saving about a half tank of gas by driving the Honda.  And with gas prices now approaching $4 a gallon, that's easily $25 in savings in one trip.

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