KAREmudgeon: Got Gas?

8:50 AM, Jun 27, 2011   |    comments
And we were worried about $4.00 gas!
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Who would've thought that we would get excited about gas for three dollars and fifty cents? I guess everything IS relative.

Coming to work this morning, the Holiday had "regular" for $3.49. Wow. Get the marching band. They say it will drop further in coming days. Fine. But it makes me sad.

For those of us who remember fueling up at prices five or even ten times cheaper, it's a hard reality. I know most of the rest of the world has been paying these high prices for years, decades even, but we spoiled Americans got used to Super V-8's and oversized SUV's along with the 24-ounce steaks.

I mean really... who needs that much meat at one sitting? I was having dinner at the Chicago Chop House last year and they had a surf & turf menu offering with a 64-OUNCE STEAK AND A HUGE LOBSTER TAIL!!

Now you pay for that with the American Excess Card.

And, FYI, I watched a guy order it AND EAT IT! The thought "God, why?" occurred to me.

Some years ago, I was at a wedding groom's dinner and the (well-off) groom's family provided a sit down steak dinner. Not just steak, Filet Mignon. There happened to be a British couple visiting. They were friends of the couple. I recall the guy commenting on the meat on their plates.

"Wow," he said, "at home, this would be three or four dinners."
He also commented on the car he was picked up in. Nothing special by standards on this side of the "pond," But his take on it was, "It was like sitting in an easy chair."

Clearly, he was used to a Mini or some such European practical mode of transportation. And that was when gas here was maybe $.75 a gallon. They were paying several dollars for the same.

See? Everything is relative.

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