Casey Anthony: Really? I mean, REALLY?

5:34 PM, Jul 6, 2011   |    comments
Folks seem to love to hate her
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It used to be that if you wanted a lot of "hits" on your internet blog, you had to have the word SEX in the title or high in the story. Like SEX, SEX, SEX, etc.

Now it's "Casey Anthony." So I don't really have much to say about Florida's famous mass murderer (Oh, that's wait. It just seems like mass murder instead of one victim) but I'll say something anyway. You know me.

First of all, I thought, what is this? Is it another case of the media becoming overwrought about a case involving a very cute and unfortunately missing (later dead) little white girl? This is not to diminish the loss of little Caylee in any way. Just to regurgitate the idea that we don't devote as much attention or interest nationally to stories of missing black or Asian children. Why is that?

Of course, there is the weird thing about possible infanticide by a mother. That scares mothers and kids alike.

Secondly, I thought, here is another example of "It's not the crime, it's the cover-up." Not that Casey is guilty. She's not. The jury said so. They also said "guilty" about lying to investigators. Of course, she won't spend much, if any, time up the river, since she's already served three years and misdemeanors carry penalties of up to a year. According to this jury, if she hadn't lied (cover-up?) she would have been out immediately.

Third, it's like O.J.  It "didn't fit" so "they must acquit" to misquote the late Johnny Cochran. The jury found him not guilty, but the public convicted him anyway, just like they have with Casey Anthony. "Not Guilty" is not the same as "Innocent." I know we say you are innocent until proven guilty, but that's what we like to pretend.

Take the case of sex offenders who are publically accused of crimes, but later acquitted, or even never tried. Even if the charges are dropped completely, the name of the accused is splattered all over the media in much bigger letters than the acquittal. His/her reputation is ruined and a certain number of people will always assume he/she did it. Prosecutors should be careful and considerate of that.

The law is: they are innocent. The reality is: where there's smoke there's fire. Heard that one before?

So, back to Casey. Did she do it? Who knows? Not me. It just seems like the jury wasn't convinced and they were there.

All I know is, there's a dead little girl and a lot of folks shaking their heads because they can't have (I hate the word) CLOSURE.

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