3 times a lady: Dad severely outnumbered in Casa de Seroka

7:41 PM, Sep 18, 2011   |    comments
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Okay, this may not be the best analogy but stay with me. We just purchased one of those crossover thingies. You know, one-third station wagon, one-third mini-van, one-third SUV. It's called a Dodge Journey and it's gray. I call it the Millennium Falcon (it's pretty big). My gosh, we are domestic with a capital D.

Here's the analogy: I'm Chewbacca (the big and tall animal that grunts) and my wife is Princess Leia (the boss and brains of the operation). My 2 ½ year old daughter Siena is C-3PO (talks non-stop) and our newborn daughter Reese is R2-D2 (observes and beeps every once in awhile).

It all started with a random phone call just before the 5 o'clock news on August 19th. "I think my water broke," Rachel said over the phone. She was calm and I was semi-calm. We casually dropped Siena off at the grandparents and strolled into the Maternity Unit at St. John's around 6:45. I didn't get to swerve in and out of I-94 traffic with my wife screaming at me! Anyway, by bar time the baby was here. It happened so fast that I didn't really have time to react. Rachel, crying, said "Oh, it's a girl!" Whoa. I didn't even notice.

Reese cried for about 30 seconds and then didn't even make a fuss over the next couple of weeks. She is so quiet and content. When she's not sleeping, she just stares at people; looks at them like they're crazy with her huge "deer-in-headlight" eyes.

She has also managed to flip me the bird three times and with that attitude, there's no need for a paternity test! I look at her and I think of a judge in a courtroom. She doesn't say much, wears a lot of gowns, and just observes. If she's not happy, she'll call us to her chambers; she requires 2 dozen diaper changes per day.

Siena, on the other hand, could make a great lawyer. She's witty, convincing, and pretty persuasive. Some examples?

She can answer a question with a question:
Dad: "Siena, should we go pee pee on the potty?"
Siena: "Should we not?"

She can manipulate the English language:
Siena: "Daddy should we eat some pink cookies?"
Dad: "Should we not?"
Siena: "Should we will?"

She's descriptive, which could be helpful when addressing a jury:
Mom: "Siena, should we brush your hair?"
Siena: "Yeah, it's all jacked up!"

She has a good memory:
Siena: "I just want a rice krispy treat."
Dad: "Well I just want a million dollars."
***5 hours later***
Siena: "Daddy, can we go to Teddy Bear Park tomorrow?"
Dad: "I don't know if there will be enough time."
Siena: "Daddy, we WILL go to Teddy Bear Park and then you can have a million dollars!"

Baby Reese's current likes include nursing, being held, filling diapers, black and white books, and the Moby wrap. Her dislikes at the moment are riding in the car, swaddling, the super-expensive lamb swing, and blinking.

Siena's current dislikes including being patient, being careful, keeping the home neat and orderly, and sharing. Right now she's really loving talking, talking to herself, talking on the phone, and bossing her father. She loves the Disney store, the playground, and the freedom she gets from not wearing clothes (still don't understand the naked kick!)

Her top 5 IPod requests are as follows: "I Wanna Rock with you" by Michael Jackson, "Tonight Tonight" by Hot Chelle Rae, "That's not my Name," by the Ting Tings, "The Way you Make me Feel," by Michael Jackson, and "Last Friday Night (TGIF)" by Katy Perry. I can assure you, Siena's Friday nights end with Dr. Seuss around 8 p.m.


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