KAREmudgeon: Message to bullies

9:59 AM, Oct 3, 2011   |    comments
Not really me, but you get the idea
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It doesn't work. That's as simple as I can make it.

I know from my own youthful experience. Like a lot, maybe most, folks who choose to remember, I was bullied as a teenager.

In my case, the bullies were the entire defensive line of my high school football team.

Here's the thing: the local paper had asked me (I was editor of the school newspaper) to cover the school's football games since they had run out of staffers to do it.

In the interest of school spirit, I agreed. Well, game one was one of those lop-sided disasters in which our side gave up a lot of running yards. So I wrote a line in the story with my by-line, in which I referred to the "porous" defensive line.

They were not happy. Being a fairly skinny kid at the time, I found myself hanging from a locker door. The hangers were guys about twice my weight and half my I.Q.

Okay, I don't really know their I.Q.s.  I just like to remember it that way. They wouldn't lower me to terra firma until I agreed never to call them "porous" again. In the interests of self-preservation, I agreed.

Actually, I already had a plan to get even. Call it "benign neglect."  I simply never wrote another article for the paper about the team at all. They didn't have "bad" coverage. They had no coverage.

So when they won later in the season it went unheralded which, in my revengeful opinion, is exactly what they deserved.

My point is: if you're a bully. Don't be stupid. (You're already stupid from my point of view, but here's why) It doesn't work. It will backfire on you, sooner or later.

You think you're intimidating the other person, but the reality is: you're making them mad. You're giving them the motivation to blow by you in life in a flash. I guarantee you that you won't even know it happened.

If you're bigger and stronger (even if, by some miracle, you're smarter), your job is not to prey on those smaller and weaker. It's to protect them. You have your own issues to solve. Throwing somebody up against a locker (figuratively) doesn't help your cause. It just makes you look, well...


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