KAREmudgeon: I'm Baaack!

4:13 PM, Nov 7, 2011   |    comments
My own personal medical mystery
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I apologize to viewers that expect my reports on KARE and I apologize to those others who have enjoyed the break in my coverage of events. Anyway, I'm back.

Don't blame me. It was something weird in this change of seasons that did me in for a couple of weeks. The medical types took more tests than a teenage college hopeful and took more blood than a summer full of mosquitoes and still can't pronounce "this" or "that."

Still, I'm upright and breathing. I suppose a cynic would say that's because I still have insurance.

Anyway, no news is good news, I suppose. I read the obit column this morning and I wasn't in it, so I came to work.

Best guess of a diagnosis here in "medical alley?" Some weird virus. Nice. Aren't all viruses "weird," by definition?

Let's resign ourselves: we live in the late autumn in the Land of 10,000 walking wounded. Isn't everybody at least a little "under the weather?"

Just about everybody I know. And for the last two weeks, that included Moi.

Nice to see you all again.

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