Karla's Korner: 'It's going to be a big baby!'

10:45 AM, Nov 8, 2011   |    comments
Grace awaits a new sibling!
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I think I deserve a little credit. I mean, I've been pregnant for like, seven months, and have written not ONE word about the perils of pregnancy (at least when it comes to all those unsolicited comments).

Perhaps it comes with experience: I mean, the second time around you're probably less sensitive to all those awkward, "are you having triplets?" moments. Perhaps it also comes with the distraction of a toddler: as in, I can hardly fixate on the impression I'm leaving (literally - on the couch cushion - and figuratively) when you're chasing an 18-month-old.

That written, I have heard some outstanding comments these last months. Comments from strangers, comments from relatives, comments that could make you cringe, cry, or laugh...depending on your mood.

Mind you, I do NOT take any of the comments too seriously, and at times, I even welcome the warmth and goodwill. After all, there's apparently something inviting about an expanding tummy - people just want to reach out and "touch" - or at least, "talk" - to you when you're "with child." And for those who maybe watch KARE 11, well, the invitation perhaps becomes even more tempting - what with being able to compare the televised version of "the belly" with the "real thing."

SO anyway, with that introduction, and without further ado, I bring you the top 11 (of course, 11) comments I've heard these last several months. Enjoy, just as I'm enjoying this pregnancy (we honestly can't wait to welcome the next little one). 

TOP 11 PREGNANCY COMMENTS (Heard so far, this time around):

11. "Are you having a baby, too?" Asked while I was interviewing a pregnant woman. Mind you, I was JUST newly pregnant - only my husband and I knew at the time. Love it!

10. "Why is Karla Hult hiding her pregnancy?" A KARE 11 Facebook friend posted that question after seeing me wear a "wrap sweater" one early fall night. At the time, I was already in complete maternity gear - no hiding the bump anymore.

9. "Do you have the hospital booked for today or tomorrow?" Asked just last week by a man who was amazed I have two months to go.

8. "Karla Hult... baby #4! Wow!" a Tweet written by a KARE 11 viewer. My response to my husband: where did you hide the other children? I mean, I know that in the last couple years, I may appear perpetually pregnant... but really? Four?

7. "Carla Holt... pregnant aGAIN!? Geeeeez!" Same night, different tweet. At least they know how my name "sounds," not to mention, that I have a big belly.

6. "Do you have a basketball in there?" Same question asked by two different people, at two different times, at two different places on the same day. Maybe this baby's bound to be a basketball star?

5. Version one: "When are you due, anyway?" Heard at least a few times a day.

4. Version two: "When are you due, again?" Again, heard multiple times a day.

3. Version three: "So when are you having that baby, now?" Again, heard more often than the words, "hello," or "how are you?" Mind you, the person usually responds to my answer of "January," with raised eyebrows. They were clearly expecting something a little more like, "tomorrow."

2. "It's going to be a big baby." Now this is my second favorite comment, said by a dear "unnamed" relative. Mind you, a relative who should know better than to make such a pronouncement, but that's just her. Gotta love the people who keep you humble.

AND FINALLY... my FAVORITE pregnancy comment...

1. As uttered by that same dear family member, relatively early in the pregnancy: "Just so you don't blow up like last time."

And with that my friends, I end this chapter of, "As the pregnancy turns..." I want to emphasize - I'm grateful for a healthy pregnancy, and we're so looking forward to the new addition! And if nothing else, I hope sharing the comments helps remind all the pregnant women out there (and those who know and love them), they're not alone!

In the meantime, I hope you're all doing well and enjoying this pre-holiday time of year. Until next time, do take care. And in the words of Mike Wallace, "do well, and do good."

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