Study: More than 'skills gap' when finding employees

6:21 PM, Mar 7, 2013   |    comments
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ST. PAUL, Minn. - The Department of Employment and Economic Development has conducted research examining hiring difficulties in three fields; industrial engineering, production, and nursing.

"The question is why they are having difficulty," said Steve Hine, the Research Director at D.E.E.D. "There is not one answer."

D.E.E.D. interviewed over 200 Minnesota employers and 45 percent of their job openings were considered "difficult to fill," but of those, only 15 percent were due to a lack of skilled people.

"There are other challenges," says Hine. "In some cases, wages are uncompetitive or there is difficulty with locations, or the work shift."

Hine says there are also problems with properly advertising job openings online.

"We hear frequently that employers are having a difficult time finding qualified individuals," says Hine. "But it's not necessarily driven by a shortage of skilled people."

Hine says post-secondary education is often the answer to "skills gaps," but the employee community must play a role, too.

"This can better inform employees about what practices may or may not be working."

To view the report click here.

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