Work it Wednesday: Staying on track with your summer job search

7:43 AM, Jun 23, 2010   |    comments
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ST. PAUL, Minn. -- Summer time and the living is easy, right? Not really, if you're looking for work. 

If there are kids at home from school, a job seeker's home office is suddenly filled with activity and noise.  Kids monopolize the family computer and might be picking up the phone when a perspective employer is calling.

Karen Kodzik of Cultivating Careers says now is the time to sit down with your family and talk about expectations.

First and foremost is making sure everyone knows the primary job of the job seeker is finding work.  Just because someone is at home, doesn't mean they are available.

"The biggest frustration I see with clients," says Kodzik, "is with kids, especially those who don't drive.  The expectations is greater to carpool them around to summer activities."

"That can consume an entire day for an adult parent at home," adds Kodzik.

"A strategy for that is to maybe work with the neighbors and see if maybe you can share carpooling duties and responsibilities."

Kodzik says kids might also choose activities they can walk to or ride their bikes.

When children are in the house, they should be coached on how to answer the phone and take messages if they might be picking up calls for the job seeker.

Or, you might want to avoid that scenario all together, says Kodzik.

"I have one client who has a guideline in the house that kids don't pick up the phone before six at night, because there could be perspective employers calling."

Kodzik recommends you determine in advance just who is going to be using the computer and when, so you're not struggling over resources.

Kodzik also says because it is summer, it's smart to build that into your schedule.

"I think if job seekers are really intentional about launching a very effective job search in four days a week, they can use that 5th day, if you will, to enjoy time with the kids."

"To enjoy  summer, to enjoy the things that will recharge their battery, that will help them be better job seekers in the following week," says Kodzik.

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