Work it Wednesday: For full-time job, think temp

4:24 PM, Jul 26, 2010   |    comments
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Minnesota sees employment increase

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn -- Minnesota's unemployment rate just dropped below 7-percent.

While that might sound good, state economists say much of that stems from 14,000 workers leaving the labor force, which could be by choice or because they're discourged. 

The encouraging news from the state is Minnesota added 11,000 jobs over the past 12 months.  That's the state's first year over year employment growth since 2008.

Jim Kwapick, regional vice president at staffing firm Robert Half International, is seeing growth in the temporary job market as well.

"More recently we've had a significant uptick in what we call temp to hire activity, where the employer hires an individual on a temporary basis, and converts that individual to their employement," says Kwapick.

"The direct hire activity has improved significantly as well, so overall, the employment market has picked up significantly."

Kwapick says many employers remain unsure about the economy, and therefore are leaning more heavily on temporary workers as opposed to adding permanent staff members.  But, because those conversions from temporary to full-time work are picking up in numbers, Kwapick recommends anyone looking for work, consider temporary or contract employment.

"Temp usage in the state of Minnesoa grew at a 14.5% clip over the past 12 months," says Kwapick, who recommends people find a staffing firm that specializes in your particular industry or profession.

"They should have more of the right relationships, deeper relationships with the right individuals to help you secure the assignment you're looking for," advises Kwapick.

While there are temp workers who prefer the flexibility of shorter assignments, those who are looking for conversion to full time employment need to let the staffing firm, as well as the employer, know that.

"When the staffing firm gets an order, is asked by a client to help them fill a job, in many instances that client, that employer will say, can we do this on a temp to hire basis?" says Kwapick.

Kwapick says job seekers looking at a temporary assignment should work hard to assess the culture of an organization, and get involved with the same intensity you would bring to a permanent position.

For more information on trends in the workforce, visit the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development.





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