Take the cold out of cold calling

7:52 AM, Aug 11, 2010   |    comments
"Take the Cold out of Cold Calling" aims to improve online research
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PLYMOUTH, Minn. -- Sam Richter, founder of SBR Worldwide/Know More!, and Chief Marketing Officer at ActiFi, has spent a lifetime in the world of sales and marketing.

His book, "Take the Cold out of Cold Calling," seeks to expose readers to the wealth of online information available to help anyone have a better sales meeting, job interview, or  just develop a business contact.

"My definition of cold calling is anytime you walk into a meeting, whether that's a meeting with an existing client, or a job interview, anytime you walk in that meeting and you don't understand what's important to the other person... you're cold calling," says Richter.

The solution, says Richter, is to prepare for that meeting by researching the person you are meeting with.  That includes their industry, their company, their work history, areas of interest, and even personal connections you might have through the community.

The idea isn't to impress your contact with how much personal information you've gathered on them.  Richter believes that would backfire, and maybe even alarm your contact.

Richter says the purpose is to have the information to ask better questions, understand your contact's needs, and build relationships.

Richter has developed a tool available on his website,  The Warm Call Center, called the "Warm Call Tool Bar."

It contains shortcuts to search engines and websites Richter has found particularly helpful in finding information related to business and even personal information.

Because most searches start with Google, Richter says users should explore the left side of the page where a "more" tab leads searchers to real-time news feeds, a timeline and more refined search tools.

Richter describes Google as a giant vacuum clearner, that gathers information.  However, it lacks something that can yield valuable information.  "Google can't register," says Richter.  That means Google can't access many industry websites, some news sites and social networking sites that can offer valuable information.

Richter's book addresses this part of the web he refers to as the "invisible web."

For more information on Richter's search tools, and his Warm Call Tool Bar, click on The Warm Call Center.


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