Work it Wednesday: Deluxe turns to social media to recruit talent

1:57 PM, Nov 17, 2010   |    comments
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Deluxe Corp. tweets for talent

SHOREVIEW, Minn. -- Deluxe Corp. built its reputation on check printing.  Now it's relying on another medium, the internet, to recruit talent as it grows into its new role, a marketing resource for small business and financial institutions.

"As a result of that change, we have changing talent needs," said Talent Community Manager Stacy Van Meter.

For 18-months, Van Meter has been leading the charge to find people with the digital skills Deluxe needs to move its business forward.

"We need to show up where they are, and increasingly, that's online," said Van Meter.

Van Meter plugs in anywhere, anytime with her laptop and smart phone, tweeting, posting and interacting with job candidates and hiring managers.

"One of the things we've done is taken the traditional job description and gone out with a Flip cam and sat down hiring managers and said, 'Tell us all about your opening,'" said Van Meter.

Those videos show up on Deluxe's FaceBook careers page, , and also on the company's website.

"It's a much more interactive experience for candidates," said Van Meter.  "They can go online and actually look at a video of a potential hiring manager."

By creating multiple ways for job candidates to interact with the company, Van Meter says Deluxe is hoping to attract people who have the skills the company needs, and who also fit into the corporate culture of Deluxe.

Also, by utilizing many different outlets to recruit talent, Deluxe is working to attract top talent who aren't necessarily looking to jump ship.

"We have a talent community pool of over 130,000 members," said Van Meter, who added the company's internet outreach attracted 35,000 visitors in October alone.

Van Meter says traditional job postings are still in the mix for talent recruitment, but the internet is increasingly useful as a tool to bring the right candidates into the company.

"I think that social media recruiting will become much more about that engagement.  How do we communicate with our candidates, our customers online?" said Van Meter.



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