Avoiding office party pitfalls this holiday season

10:21 AM, Dec 1, 2010   |    comments
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Avoiding office party pitfalls

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. -- Office party season can be ripe for disaster if you don't know how to navigate this tricky territory.

Angelyn Davis is the etiquette instructor for the Saint Paul Hotel, which offers etiquette classes for both business people and youth.

Davis says remember the first impression starts with being prepared.  RSVP if the invitation requests it.  Wear appropriate attire and never wear anything too revealing.

Put business before pleasure.  Enjoy the food and drink but don't overindulge.  Limit alcohol consumption by eating through the course of the party, and drinking non-alcholic beverages in between any alcoholic drinks.

Remember this is an opportunity to build business relationships.  Initiate introductions of yourself and others.  Hold food and beverage items in your left hand so that your right hand is free to shake hands for introductions.

Be prepared with 3-4 ice-breakers to initiate conversations.  Remember to find common interests.  Ask thoughtful, open-ended questions about the other person.  If you have to check your smart phone, do it away from the party.

Finally, collect your belongings, say your goodbyes and leave when the host gives departure cues.  Remember a hand-written thank-you note the following day in addition to a phone call or email.

Again, many people fall into trouble if they consume too much alcohol at office parties. The following are non-alcoholic drink offerings from Saint Paul Hotel banquet manager Dusty Perryman:

Gatsby's Daisy N/A

 Green Tea 3 oz
Fresh tarragon 2 oz
Simple Syrup lavender 1.5 oz.
Cranberries .5 oz
Grape Juice 1 oz
Honey 1 oz

1. Combine cranberries, tarragon, grape juice, honey and simple syrup.
2. Muddle together for 10 seconds using a bar muddler.
3. Add green tea
4. Add ice to top of glass

Healdsburg Homage N/A

Fresh basil leaves 4 ea
Simple Syrup 1.5 oz
Lemon juice .5 oz
Soda water 5 oz
Water melon cubes 2 ea

1. Combine basil leaves, lemon juice and simple syrup.
2. Muddle together for 10 seconds using a bar muddler.
3. Add ice to top of glass
4. Top off with club soda
5. Garnish with 2 watermelon cubes

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