Work it Wednesday: Last minute tech gifts for the road warrior

8:11 AM, Dec 22, 2010   |    comments
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Tech gifts for the road warrior

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. -- The clock is ticking toward Christmas, and if there is a road warrior on your list, high tech and portability are hot prospects.

Richard Kurhajetz of Best Buy says smartphones are a safe bet.  The question is, which one? Kurhajetz says Blackberry, Android and Apple sync to most types of work email, calendars and task lists.  Even so, check with your IT person to be sure.

With the popularity of iPad, many people are now looking to ditch their laptop for the convenience and portability of a tablet. Kurhajetz says many workers just use a laptop to check email and the internet.  Both functions can be done with a smaller, lighter-weight tablet like the iPad and the new Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Unlike the iPad, the Galaxy Tab has a camera, and also the ability to play flash videos, whereas the iPad does not.  Both devices offer a multitude of apps that can also boost productivity, with more being offfered every day.

Kurhajetz says one device that can really come in handy is a mobile hotspot.  It is a device paired with a service that allows the user to create a mobile hotspot anywhere that supports up to five devices.

It could be a life-saver for a traveling family where Mom, Dad and the kids all have their own devices that need internet connections.


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