CareerBuilder tracks job growth in Minneapolis

7:30 AM, Mar 16, 2011   |    comments
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GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. --  CareerBuilder tracked job listings in Minneapolis over the last twelve months to provide an insider's perspective on hiring trends in the area.

The following five industries continue to see solid growth in hiring based on CareerBuilder job listings in Minneapolis:

Sales - up 38% over the last year:
Businesses are focused on growth and revenue generation. Careerbuilder is seeing increased sales jobs in new media and advertising, technology, health care and biotechnology, and professional and business services.

Healthcare - up 16% over the last year:
They need both clinical and non-clinical staff. On the clinical side, they need everything from nurses and physical therapists to radiology technicians, medical assistants, home health aides, etc. On the non-clinical side, you can find the same positions you see in corporate America - accounting/finance, office managers, IT staff, etc.

Information Technology - up 57% over the last year:
Cuts costs and drives innovation to open new revenue streams. With the proliferation of smart phones and the Internet and the increased emphasis companies are placing on business analytics, Careerbuilder is seeing demand for .NET developers, JAVA developers, business and network analysts, database administrators, etc.

Marketing - up 45% over the last year:
Jobs in a variety of marketing functions (e-mail marketing, social media management, advertising, etc.) are needed to promote offerings and add to top-line growth. These roles directly support sales and are revenue generators.

Business Development - up 42% over the last year:
Helps drive growth as companies look to enter new markets and create new offerings.

In addition, Careerbuilder says it's encouraging to see increased growth in manufacturing in the Minneapolis area over the last three months as organizations invest in developing new products to meet increased demand. Manufacturing jobs on the CareerBuilder site are up 26 percent from December to February 2011.

Tips for job hunting in a challenging economy:

Customize your communications - Employers can spot spam from a mile away, so be sure to customize your resume and cover letter for each and every position you apply to. This will not only show the hiring manager that you went the extra mile to target your application materials, but it will also help you stand out.

Leverage social media - Promote your personal brand and skills on different social networking sites. Make sure to remove any content or photos that may not convey a professional image to employers.

Stock your resume with keywords - Employers use electronic scanners to rank the job applications they receive. Make sure to include keywords from the employer's job postings in your resume as it pertains to your experience, so your application is ranked toward the top of the pile.

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