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3:01 AM, Sep 10, 2011   |    comments
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GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. -- The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 on the United States had a profound impact on our society, affecting many facets of our economy that still resonate today. The long-term impact specific to the job market continues to evolve, in the way employers find employees and in the way people find jobs. Ted Chalupsky is here today to give us an update of the current Job Market outlook.

Significant developments:

1. Confidence 
    a. The country had never experienced an attack of this degree to our homeland from an outside force. The realization the United States could weather an event like this led to new confidence within the domestic business community.

2. Scrutiny 
    a. One of the more significant developments to the job search process, has been the increased attention to employee screening, background checks and employment history. 
    b. Information about job candidates is much more accessible (thanks in part to the rise of social media) and employers have become more diligent in mining this information to help with their hiring decisions. Candidates need to manage their online profile and postings more judiciously.

3. Job Creation 
    a. One of the by-products of 9/11 has been the creation of new categories of jobs in technology, finance, manufacturing, retail, transportation and several other areas. One example of this is in the development of new software that safeguards information in both the public and private sector. More people are needed with the skills for helping to secure data so that it doesn't get corrupted by people that intend to harm companies or countries. The demand for these skills will only increase over the next decade.

4. Future threats and opportunities 
    a. One of the areas that both the governments and corporations are concentrating on is in the arena of Cyber Terrorism and Bio Terrorism 
    b. As was the result of 9/11, new categories of jobs are being created to be proactive in addressing potential terrorist attacks - whether it be to protect the infrastructure of government and corporations... financial networks... energy grids... or, other areas that would create chaos to a society.

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