Minnesota Marriage Debate: Moorhead

7:17 PM, Oct 18, 2012   |    comments
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MOORHEAD, Minn. -- Concordia College Senior Rebecca Julius is on a one-woman crusade.

"I never thought it would be this big a deal for me to say this is what I believe," says Julius.

But on this tight-knit campus of 2,700 students it is a big deal.

Every October, students in Concordia's Straight and Gay Alliance sell "Love is Love" T-shirts to celebrate national "Coming Out" week.

This year though, Julius responded with a T-shirt of her own. "They have T-shirts, I should have a T-shirt," Julius says.

Julius wants her "Sin is Sin" shirts to give a voice to students who disagree with the prevailing view on campus that it's okay to be gay.

"I don't identify with homosexuality being acceptable."

At hand bell choir practice we catch up with Julius who grew up in a Wisconsin Synod Lutheran Church which is a smaller, more conservative Lutheran sect. Concordia is part of the more liberal Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Her T-shirts launched an intense debate on campus.

Fellow student Adler Steinberg says he's voting against the amendment, "I think it's going too far. I can understand someone's beliefs, but I think it has a negative connotation."

Another student named Nathan says "I definitely see where she's coming from. She could do it in a more loving way."

Thea Gessler is another no vote. "I think it's a good example of people utilizing free speech."

Emma Ranum is a no vote and adds, "Love is love is their week to celebrate who they are. It's fair they have that. Creating T-shirts going against that is selfish."

Geneva Nemzek is the co-president of the Straight and Gay Alliance. "At first, I was a little hurt. I've been through my own struggle with religion and sexuality."

Julius has struggled too. "I've definitely felt alone. I don't fit the "Cobber mode."

This North Dakota resident knows her struggle won't lead her to the Minnesota ballot box. She has a higher goal.

"God is proud of what I'm trying to do for him."

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