Romney, Obama confident as election results start coming in

6:45 PM, Nov 6, 2012   |    comments
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Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney says he's already written his victory speech, while a confident President Barack Obama is imploring his supporters to vote in the final hours before polls close in many states.

Romney on Tuesday told reporters flying on his campaign plane that he hasn't written a concession speech in case he loses. He says a loss is possible only because, quote, "nothing is certain in politics."

He says he "fought to the very end" to win the presidency.

The Republican nominee says that he has long believed intellectually that he would win, but he's now feeling it emotionally as well.

Romney visited campaign offices in Ohio and Pennsylvania on Tuesday. He's in Boston to await election returns.

Obama's campaign released a web video featuring Obama urging his backers to go to the polls and to tell their friends to do the same.

The president says, "Election Day is almost over. This is it."

Obama tells viewers that, quote, "We won't get another chance tomorrow ... I need you to vote."

The president concludes by telling viewers to "stop watching this video and go vote or call somebody and tell them to go vote." He reminds them that if they are in line when the polls close, "you can still vote."

Obama will watch the election results in Chicago.

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