Nicholas David on life after The Voice

5:39 PM, Mar 26, 2013   |    comments
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ST. PAUL, Minn. --  When a prayer gets answered, for the whole world to see, it's a bit funny to a dyed in the wool music man.

"I truly love it, I feel like I've been praying for this my whole life, truly striving," Nicholas David said when recalling his trip on The Voice that is resulting in so much more access in the music world.

Nicholas' wish above all else wasn't a reality show.

But that's just the way it came true, that's the way his voice got heard.

"It definitely was this platform to get to a larger audience," David said from his home last week.

Nicholas gained a following from the show, but also a bit of celebrity.

He found himself in the spotlight this year at the Holidazzle parade, the Vikings/Packers game and at the St. Patrick's Day celebration in St. Paul.

"When I go anywhere people recognize me and say things, it's just really cool," Nicholas said with a grin.

Rock Star status, that's how it is now.

"Yeah I call him Mr. David sometimes," long time girlfriend Krista Balaski said.

Mr. David now has the life he wanted.

He has shows booked, one coming up in Washington State and one in the works for Minnesota as well.

His fifth album is polishing up nicely, ready to drop.

Everything is changing but at the same time nothing has changed at all.

"It has always felt like this is what Nicholas is supposed to do," Krista said.

Nicholas is on his way, documenting every single step with a snapshot, to finding a few more answered prayers.

But this time, votes won't deem his next step.

Now, it's all up to, his voice.

"This is what I'm here to do, it feels right, and it really does," Nicholas said.

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