The flu arrives early this year

11:04 PM, Dec 19, 2012   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. --  The flu is alive and well and early this year.

So much so that a school in St. Cloud had to cancel classes for the rest of the week because so many students are ill with flu like symptoms.

Even rock stars, on the night of the show, get the flu.

"I just got it today," Prissy Clerks band member Howard Hamilton said Wednesday night just hours before the band took the stage at the 7th Street Entry for a show.

"Bad sinus headache that lasted for eight hours, fever and a sore throat," band mate Dylan Ritchie said of his symptoms.

The up and coming band Prissy Clerks passed the bug to each other like kids in a day care and it all culminated Wednesday night on their first of three shows in the Twin Cities.

"It's good, we can bond over it," lead vocalist Clara Salyer joked, she too ill this week.

Yes the flu season has arrived early, two months early and it's a nasty one.

"It's much worse than last year, last year was a very mild season," Dr. Laura Patton, a physician's assistant with Fairview Clinics said.

Patton says she has a huge increase in flu cases this year, most in the last couple of weeks.

The official why on that is still a mystery but some of it could be due to the vaccine just not covering all the bases.

"We don't know if the flu vaccine didn't catch the strains yet or if it's just different strains than have morphed on their own too, it's just too early to predict that," Patton said.

But what is known is the flu is getting shared.

It's the time of the year when folks are out of sick days so they are going to work sick trying to impress the boss, or not lose pay.

"People are trying to avoid that and it's just spreading unfortunately it's this vicious cycle like a domino effect," Patton said.

In a perfect world, people would heed that message because doctors say you should not be at work, or school, or day care, until you are symptom free for 24 hours without any medication.

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