CDC launches new round of powerful anti-smoking ads

6:10 PM, Apr 2, 2013   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS - A new round of ads, hitting airwaves this week, uses a raw, powerful and graphic tone to try and convince people to stop smoking.

Terrie is back after having the most memorable ad released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The campaign is called Tips from Former Smokers Campaign

In that ad, Terrie described how she gets ready for her day, after throat cancer took her teeth, hair and forced her to have a laryngectomy.

In her new ad, she asked, "Make a video of yourself, before all this happens." Because she said the only voice her grandson has ever heard is the one she has now, now that her voice box is gone. 

Marrietta Dreher, with ClearWay Minnesota, which runs the state's stop smoking program QuitPlan, said the CDC's ad campaign was incredibly successful last year.

"The calls to the national quit line more than doubled and visits to the national website were five times their normal visits," Dreher said. "And here in Minnesota we also saw a huge increase in calls and visits to Quit Plan services as well."

KARE had complaints from viewers last year that the ads were too graphic. It begs the question, isn't "too graphic" counter-productive? Apparently it's not. 

"They are very motivating ads and they're hard to forget," Dreher said, "That's part of what makes them so strong because they're real people telling real stories about the health consequences of smoking."

In another ad, a man named Bill explains how he has had diabetes all his life and smoking made it worse. He lost a leg and is blind in one eye. He asks people to make a list, including family, and then, "Cross off all the things you're OK with losing because you would rather smoke."

Those with ClearWay Minnesota and the CDC hope that, like last year, these new ads will light up their quit smoking program phone lines once again. 

Click here for ClearWay Minnesota's QuitPlan Program or call 1-800-354-PLAN.

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