School lunch changes draw criticism

7:12 PM, Sep 14, 2012   |    comments
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DELANO, Minn. - One scoop only, one bun only, fewer smiley potato faces and more fruits and vegetables; they are all noticeable changes at Delano High School.

"It's good, it may not be the best thing," said Andi Jo Shrode. "It's decent, I like it."

In its second week, the new lunch program has taken some getting used to.

"All students in schools when you ask what's on your mind a lot of time in that top five it's lunch," said Delano Schools Superintendent Matt Schoen.

These days, lunch may sit at number one or two.

Last year, kids could eat nearly as much as they wanted. This year, due to new federal guidelines, there's a calorie maximum per meal.

"I kind of have to go back for a second entrée or a second lunch, usually," said Andy Rieder.

For those with greater appetites, fewer calories equated to another trip through the lunch line.

For those with smaller appetites, because you're required to take more fruits and veggies, they take them, but more can also get thrown away.

Then there's dessert.

"I kind of miss dessert and stuff," smiled Jesse Lawman. "But I like dessert."

Now, you have to pay extra for dessert, and it's healthier.

If a cookie were served with the meal, it would push it above the new guidelines.

So many changes it has pushed others to take their complaints online.

Started by a couple of students from Rockford High, #brownbagginit on Facebook has more than 3,000 members.

There you can find plenty of pictures of students with their bags labeled with among other things, "Where's the cookies."

You can find the brown bags at Delano as well, but mostly from kids who have always brown bagged it, even before the hashtags and new regulations.

"There's always difficulty when a federal government or a state government makes these types of regulations. There's a good understanding of why," said Schoen.

But for some, it will take more time to get that message through to the taste buds.

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