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Heroin at Home: The battle to stop it in MN

10:47 AM, Nov 14, 2013

Before heroin gets to Minnesota, it is smuggled through the southwest border. One of the towns it crosses into is Nogales, Arizona, which sees tens of thousands of people pass through it every day from Mexico.

Heroin at Home: How does it get to Minnesota?

1:16 PM, Nov 13, 2013

The vast majority of the heroin that gets to Minnesota comes from the southwest border, according to the DEA.

Mine expansion to claim vital Iron Range highway

12:56 PM, Nov 7, 2013

A key stretch of US Highway 53 in the Iron Range must be removed to make way for expansion of a taconite ore mine

Research shows women having babies later in life

9:41 AM, Nov 6, 2013

The Centers for Disease Control says one in five women now wait until they're 35 or older to have their first child.

Health expert offers fit tips during holidays

3:58 AM, Nov 5, 2013

The average American gains three to five pounds during the holidays, which can often create a detour on the road to weight loss.

Minn. sports stars gather to chat with Eric Perkins

11:13 AM, Nov 1, 2013

Eric Perkins sits down with some serious star power in Minnesota pro sports. Adrian Peterson, Joe Mauer, Kevin Love and Mikko Kiovu talked about everything from family to fame, media and money and the pressures of winning.

Minn. teens concerned about crime, safety and gangs

10:07 PM, Oct 23, 2013

Minnesota teenagers have a lot of concerns, but crime, safety and gangs top the list. The Minnesota Youth Council surveyed more than 1,000 teenagers from around Minnesota about the issues of most concern. 

Child's cancer diagnosis yields warm and fuzzy silver lining

9:12 AM, Oct 18, 2013

When Berva Bocklage learned her baby grandson, Peyton, had cancer, she shed the tears any grandmother would.

Historic MN insane asylum spared from wrecking ball

9:14 PM, Oct 11, 2013

The world is made up of realists and dreamers. Score one for the dreamers who never gave up on the Kirkbride.

Christine Clifford: Healing with Humor

8:54 PM, Oct 8, 2013

Healing and humor are two words that rarely go together, but for Christine Clifford, the combination couldn't be more powerful.

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