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Sex offender gets life in Wis. triple slaying

A convicted sex offender was sentenced to life in prison without parole Tuesday for strangling and stabbing his neighbor and her

5:52 PM, Apr 27, 2010

3 design teams present plans for Nicollet Mall redesign

Three design teams vying to revitalize Minneapolis' Nicollet Mall presented designs to a panel of judges on Tuesday night.

11:30 PM, Sep 22, 2013

Some Ford Trucks Experiencing Spark Plug Failure

We're learning about a series of complaints by some Ford truck owners who claim spark plugs literally blew out of their engines. Most of

3:21 PM, Nov 19, 2004

89-year-old jeweler bidding downtown Minneapolis farewell

If anyone should know the best way to spend ones golden years, it's a jeweler. But Ben Badiner is no more ready

11:57 PM, Dec 22, 2007

Twin Cities Investor Trevor Cook sentenced to 25 years for ponzi scheme

Disgraced Twin Cities investor Trevor Cook was sentenced to 25 years in prison Tuesday in connection with a federal fraud scheme that cheated more than 900 investors

1:07 PM, Aug 25, 2010

Elk River man charged in ex-girlfriend's death

Twenty-three-year-old Tyler Wicklund appeared in Le Sueur County court Monday on two counts of second-degree murder.

3:41 PM, Nov 2, 2010

Land of 10,000 Stories: The Neighborhood of Love

In Sherburne County, Elk River is the county seat. In Elk River, Holt Avenue and 5th Street Northwest is the love seat.

11:16 AM, Feb 13, 2012

Head lice prevention: What's the best remedy?

Tis the season when kids are bringing notes home from school warning of head lice outbreaks, and many parents are turning to home remedies and products that promise to prevent the nasty bug.

11:02 PM, Nov 18, 2013

Police shut down alleged brothel

A 19-year-old woman is in trouble with police after she was busted for allegedly running a house of prostitution.Authorities say the woman has

10:59 AM, Apr 12, 2007

I’ve Been Wondering: Rosemount’s Curious Concrete Walls

Mysterious concrete structures in Dakota County are ghosts of a nation at war six decades ago.

5:31 PM, Jul 12, 2006
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