Husband charged with murder in missing woman case

2:23 PM, Feb 28, 2013   |    comments
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ST. PAUL, Minn. - The husband of a woman reported missing in St. Paul is now officially charged with her murder.

Jeffery Trevino, age 39, is accused in the death of his wife Kira, who he reported missing last Friday.

A criminal complaint filed Thursday morning in Ramsey County Court details the case investigators are building against Trevino. It is built largely on blood spatter and tissue recovered from the couple's St. Paul home on the 500 block of Iowa Street in St. Paul, and from the missing woman's vehicle, which was found at the Mall of America.

"Although a body has not been recovered, we believe that the victim has been murdered by the defendant and is no longer alive," Ramsey County Attorney John Choi told reporters, "based on the amount of blood that was found in the home and in the car."

Jeffery Trevino called police to report her missing on Sunday, February 24. Her white Chevy Cobalt was located in a parking lot at the Mall of America one day later. Blood could be clearly seen around the trunk opening and on a trunk liner that had been disposed of nearby. The car was searched and impounded so technicians could process it for evidence.   

Investigators and crime technicians serving a warrant on the couple's home on February 25 recovered blood samples, spatter patterns and tissue that had soaked through the carpet in Jeffery and Kira Trevino's bedroom. A piece of that carpet was cut out and analyzed at the BCA crime lab. Technicians noted there was a large stain in the shape of a head and torso.

Blood traces were also located on the couple's mattress and box spring, bed frame, floor and other spots in the bedroom. Further chemical testing discovered large amounts of blood evidence in the living room, the bathroom, the basement landing and in the basement near the washing machine.

Investigators found freshly washed towels and items of clothing worn by the defendant in the laundry room, a mop bucket and map near the bathroom, and other signs of an extensive cleanup effort.

"The defendant in this particular case took a number of actions to be evasive and cover up this murder, and every step law enforcement was there to unravel his schemes," said Choi. "We will do everything that we can in our power to bring the defendant to justice for his horrific crime."

Detectives also recovered surveillance tape that showed a man filling up Kira Trevino's car at a St. Paul gas station shortly after 2:00 a.m. Friday morning. Video from a ramp at the Mall of America also shows a man disposing of a trunk liner, walking away, and later getting in a taxi cab.

That cab had a GPS tracker, which showed that it delivered the man to a spot within a block of the Trevino's home in St. Paul.

While the images from the gas station and the Mall of America show a male in possession of Kira Trevino's car, prosecutors say the man in those videos cannot definitively be identified as Jeffery Trevino.

Kira Trevino's body has not been found, which could be a problem for prosecutors seeking a murder conviction.

When interviewed before his arrest Jeffery Trevino told investigators his wife was having a mid-life crisis, lying to him and spending two to three days at a time away from home with friends.

He said they had a date night at the Mall of America on Thursday, February 21 after Kira got off work to try and patch things up. Jeffery Trevino told investigators that they went home after dinner and bowling, watched a video and then went to sleep. He claims Kira left the house Friday morning at 8:30 a.m. and he never saw her again.  

Kira Trevino's family members told police that the couple was not getting along, and that she was thinking of moving out. Her mother told police she feared that Jeffery Trevino may have harmed her.  

Jeffery Trevino is charged with two counts of second degree murder. If found guilty he could be sentenced to 40 years in prison on each count.


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