Twin Cities author Vince Flynn dies of cancer

7:09 AM, Jun 20, 2013   |    comments
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ST. PAUL, Minn. --  It is undisputed; Vince Flynn was a master storyteller. But what also cannot be argued is that Vince Flynn was a master at sharing his success.

Front and center on Flynn's website he championed not sales of books but what sales of books allowed him to do.

It allowed him to generously give back to so many.

Like give pro bono advice to aspiring writers at the Minneapolis Loft Literary Center.

"He said study your craft study your writing and what you want to accomplish and don't be afraid to be successful," Loft director Jocelyn Hale said Wednesday remembering the time Flynn gave to the writers.

Flynn gave of his own time to motivate those writers.

Paying it forward was his currency of choice in this community.

Nowhere was that more evident than at Groves Academy in St. Louis Park.

A school founded to be the learning place for those who learn differently, just like Vince.

"He really deeply resonated with the students here," Groves Head of School John Alexander said.

Vince never hid behind the fact that he was dyslexic, that truth certainly gave folks all the more reason to try and talk him out of chucking his career back in 1997 to write a book.

Vince knew the word can't better than most and he let shared that childhood defeat publicly with the students and parents at Groves.

So he shared with this his story of writing against the odds, and winning.

Since 1997 Flynn has penned 14 books, selling 15 million copies.

He is a New York Times Bestseller.

And with his riches he didn't jet set off to a villa, he stayed home.

He served on the board of Groves Academy and he gave them a fortune so that kids like him would get a chance.

"They feel as though if Vince can do it there is hope for me, he was extremely inspiring to the kids," Alexander said.

Let there be no greater lesson from the master storyteller, Vince Flynn, from this day forward.

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