Trevino trial Day 3 focuses on affair, surveillance video

5:56 AM, Sep 24, 2013   |    comments
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ST. PAUL, Minn. -- The final witness of day three of the Jeffery Trevino murder trial told the court that he had a romantic relationship with Kira Steger that started about a month before she was reported missing.

Trevino has been charged with second-degree murder after Steger's body was found in the Mississippi River months later.

Ryan Wendt, who was a superior of Stegers at Delia's clothing in the Mall of America, told the court, "She became a very good friend. (It) became romantic on a number of occasions. We enjoyed hanging out together."

He also said the two had agreed that they were in no position to begin a relationship that was more than casual.

Also taking the stand for the state were a number of officers who processed Steger's car, which was found at the Mall of America shortly after Trevino reported her missing.

Witnesses told the court that a ripped trunk liner was found near the vehicle and that there were reddish brown stains on it. They said that other stains were also found inside the trunk.

A taxi-cab driver then testified that he picked up a man at the Mall of America and was asked for a ride to East Iowa Avenue in St. Paul, which is the street the defendant lives on.

Surveillance camera footage from a home across the street shows the cab travel down the street and shortly thereafter, shows a man walking into the defendant's home. But that cab driver also admitted to the court that he was unable to pick the defendant out of a line up.

A St. Paul Police Department homicide investigator detailed the neighbor's surveillance camera footage, which also showed the lights going on and off in the defendant's home on the final evening Steger was seen alive. The lights continued to be shut on and off early the next morning. Cars could also be seen coming and going from the residence.

Finally, a data analyst for the St. Paul police took the stand and shared text messages sent from Trevino to Steger, immediately before and after he reported her missing.

One message read: "Please call someone. We are looking for you. So are the police. We are worried beyond words."

Prosecutors say it is all part of a cover-up while the defense attorney says it shows concern.

The state has finished with 31 witnesses and is expected to continue questioning its experts for the next two or three days.

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