Gov. Dayton, Duluth officials assess flood damage

9:25 PM, Jun 21, 2012   |    comments
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DULUTH, Minn. - Duluth Mayor Don Ness says the city's storm and street system alone sustained between 50 and $80 million in damage from the historic rain event that hammered the city Monday night and Tuesday morning.

Repairs to city parks and trails will add to that pricetag.

At least 60 road closures have been announced due to flooded, crumbling or washed out road surfaces.

Ness and Governor Mark Dayton on Thursday shared early estimates of the damage caused by the deluge that left much of the lakefront city under water.

Despite all the damage and problems caused by the flooding, Ness made a plea to Minnesotans reminding them that Duluth is open for business, and that the city's tourism and business communities will continue to operate while the community is rebuilt.  

Governor Dayton cautioned that the problems caused by the historic flooding will not be solved overnight, but promised that he and the state will bring all they resources they can to the table.  He talked about quickly seeing what federal emergency aid is available to shore up Duluth's broken transportation system.

The Mayor also says he received a call from the White House assuring him that policymakers are aware of the disaster that's occured in Duluth and are keeping watch on the situation.  

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