Residents sign petition to close Woodbury hotel

6:17 PM, Sep 11, 2012   |    comments
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WOODBURY, Minn. - An online campaign has surfaced in Woodbury in an effort clean up the crime at a local hotel.

"Something is going on there and it's not right," said Melanie Snyder of Woodbury. "We don't want it in our city."

The concern involves criminal activity at the Red Roof Inn. Police have been called to the hotel 290 times within the last year. It's the hotel with the most police activity in the city, and no situation was higher profile than a hostage situation including an officer-involved shooting on August 31.

"This is where I raise my children," said Snyder. "I've been looking at incidents at the Red Roof Inn even before the hostage situation."

Snyder has organized an online petition for other residents to sign and voice their concerns. A facebook page entitled "Shut down the Woodbury Red Roof Inn" is also available for those who are concerned.

"There is prostitution, drugs, among other issues," she says. "We're calling for it be shut down or cleaned up."

City officials in Woodbury say they plan to meet with management and ownership of the hotel.

"We'd like them to take swift action," says Mayor Mary Stephens. "We are addressing the problem and want to help provide solutions."

Mayor Stephen does maintain that the focus is not on shutting down a business, but rather solving the issue of crime.

"Businesses like the Red Roof Inn provide residents that aren't involved in criminal activity a place to stay," said Mayor Stephens. "It's the criminal activity we're trying to address."

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