Recent weather leads to shopping deals in June

5:44 AM, Jun 11, 2013   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS - The month of June can be an exciting time of shopping discounts and deals, but you might want to do a little homework before you pick up that one thing you just can't live without.

For instance, June is typically when Victoria's Secret has its "Semi-Annual Sale." Last year, panties could be purchased for $4 and bras for $15. In fact, the deals are so great other lingerie businesses tend to follow suit. The bottom line is you can find decent deals on undergarments in June.

Thanks to the recent weather, even more clothing deals than normal are likely, according to experts.

"Land's End already has 40 to 60 percent off all of their swimwear," said Star Tribune's consumer reporter John Ewoldt. "You're going to see more of that, not only on swimwear, but on all summer clothes. Normally they don't go on sale until after the 4th of July. It's going to be this month rather than July this year."

The summer movie season is just getting underway and some freebies are available for the next trip to the theater. Look for discounts when you purchase tickets online. Different theaters may offer buy one, get one at a reduced price. Furthermore, online purchases may include free downloads.

Father's Day is Sunday which means deals on tolls and electric razors too.

"You'll probably see specials in the newspaper and online on any of those razors. You'll probably see similar deals like you would at Christmas for example," said Ewoldt.

Even though school is out, back-to-school shopping discounts are already happening, at least when it comes to laptops. The deals typically come in bundles, for example, a laptop along with a printer, gaming console or gift card. The sales start in June and you'll see more bundles and discounts into July and August.

For those who have given up that New Year's resolution, gyms want you back. Those looking for a deal can find one even if it's not advertised.

"Ask them for one because they know how competitive it is especially this time of year when most people are outdoors instead of indoors at the gym," explained Ewoldt.

Finally, while it's grilling season in Minnesota and there are some deal available, but those who hold off until July 4th will likely save even more. The wet spring might even bring about deeper discounts than what's been seen in the past.

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